Sitting with Angelica watching Doctor Who
AMADEUS (Wolfgang Mozart)

Amadeus is the "baby" in the family. (And a monkey in a catsuit.)

I have heard; "you get the children you deserve", but do you think "you get the cat you deserve" as well? Because DO Amadeus talk a lot? Oh yeaah...I guess when I wanted a cat like me, I got it!

Amadeus loves to talk and sing.
He is playful,curious and follows me everywhere.

He is very mischievous and loves to test his/my limits.
Amadeus isn't the most elegant cat, but he is funny like a monkey. (And he loves to climb...especially on people.)

Posing beautifully (about 4 months old)
He loves to play with toiletpaperrolls and leave it all tore up like werewolf-victims on the bathroom-floor.
He adores people and love when he can get to know new humans.
He isn't really afraid of anything and I bet he can get into a lot of trouble. Lucky for us, we have Christa!

Christmas 2010

About 4 months old, sleeping

At the cattery!
FATHER: Aylwin (Amadeus looks like him!)

MOTHER: Chiquita

Some of the first pic's Angelica saw of Amadeus

Sleeping! All new to his new home