Thursday, June 28, 2012

The return of the cats!

Cats continuing being awesome!

I have been very busy lately, but now the opera cats are back in business!

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This summers big hit in the cinema? I'd watch that :P

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cat trolling (Thank you for signing up for Cat Facts)

Someone having fun with sms-subscription for "cat facts".
Have a look at this hilarious sms-exchange!

Want to share some fun cat-related stuff with us? Please write us a note or comment!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Oatmeal - the catlover!

If you haven't discovered the amazing "Oatmeal", I'm only happy to introduce you:

This is an awesome artist (who probably would tell me off for bad grammar and spelling ), with absurd, loving and fun drawings to make your day brighter.
If I'm not mistaken I also believe that he loves cats and have a feline companion. Because he seems to include them quite a lot. (Ok, so is unicorns and dragons, but I feel he might have had some bad experiences with them ;)

Take a look on some of the funny things he have made about cats!

ENJOY and visit his site

- 17 things worth knowing about your cat
- Cat vs internet (recognize this?)
- How to pet a kitty
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you? 


Friday, January 6, 2012

Mechanical Cat-toy reviews

After trying to buy something enjoyable and fun for my indoor operacats, I have now decided to share my experience with the different products with our readers.

Of course every cat is different and enjoy different things, but at least I can share my experience of quality and prize, to warn others not to buy a lousy product.

Suuuper Mouse (made by Karlie)

Disappointed Amadeus

I bought this for my two cats a year ago (my cats are two and five years old). 

Description of product from Karlie

Battery-powered toy mouse for hours of fun. The mouse runs and stops at intervals, securing your cat's attention and keeping her busy chasing and catching.
The battery-powered Suuuper Mouse is guaranteed to ban boredom from your cat's life forever!
Switch on the Suuuper Mouse to see the black mouse inside start racing around the circle for three seconds. it will then stop and sit still unless nudged by your cat. After 20 seconds, it will automatically start to race again.


Around £12,99 and about NOK 400

Our experience

I introduced this toy for them, turning it on. At first they were very curious about the spinning mouse. They tried to catch it and stood beside it watching it spin every 20 second. This was all well and fine until the mouse (on the metal arm) started to twist downward, making it collide on the floor of the toy. This made it unable to spin around, rendering the toy useless and uninteresting for my cats. 

I tried to fix it several times, with everything from tape to blue-tack. But both where the mouse is connected to the toy and where the mouse is connected to the metal arm, there is a big weakness. Either making it fall off the machine and make the mouse turn it's head downward and collide with floor. And this on the very first try, on the very first day it arrived in our house.

Perhaps this is a better version of the same concept? 
(I'm also sure my cats would like the furry-mouse better than hard plastic one, as on the one I bought).

Please don't buy this, it is a waste of your time and money. There are better things on the market!

Tried to use blue-tack to make the arm stay 
Example of how the mouse get stuck

Frustrating! and this happened on the first use!


Undercover mouse (Panic mouse products)

Where is the arm? we want to play!
Description of product from Panic Mouse

Just as the name implies, Undercover Mouse moves quickly; randomly speeding, slowing and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover - the hidden mouse skitters furtively just out of your cat's view. In fact, its movements are so real you and your cat will swear there's a live mouse in the house! Here's the secret to its success Undercover Mouse's stealthy movements serve to peak your hunter/predator's instinct to secure the catch. And no worries once the catch is made our new gearless friction drive means added reliability. Made of durable plastic, Undercover Mouse allows for easy speed adjustment and will provide hours of interactive fun powered by three (3) AA batteries. We promise you'll love watching your domestic cat go wild!

Around NOK 400-500 and $32.95

Our experience

My cats LOVED this one, they would go crazy and play for hours (if I could survive that noise it
made every time they caught the spinning arm). 
The only problem is that the arm broke the same 
day we bought it. This was the first expencive cat-toy I ever bought. I went to the shop and asked for 
an replacement arm, they gave me a new one from another undercover mouse in the store.
Unfortunately it didn't go several weeks before this arm also broke). 

This time I tried to tape it, which worked for a while. (I did ask the shop to get
a new one, but they never received it from the people who sell this toy in Norway). 

But after a month the place where the arm should be attached snapped off and
rendered the toy completely useless. This is a shame, because my cats love it and if 

I get it from my cupboard they come running.

Sadly it doesn't work anymore and I can only give it a four, because of the bad quality
for such a high prize. It would be cheaper to 
put your hand under a blanket and get your 
cat to hunt that, at least my arms will not fall off any time soon. (hopefully ;)

Where the arm should have been attached (between brown and grey area)


Catit Design Senses Play Circuit (CatIt)

What's this....??
Description of product from Catit

Fun and frolics for your cat with the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit! This play circuit entertains while engaging your cat's natural senses of touch, sound and sight. The peek-a-boo track design allows cats to see and swat the ball. The swirl-patterned, rolling ball included is specifically designed to attract your cat's attention. Additional tracks can be added to "grow the set" into a complete 'figure of 8' allowing the Scratch Pad and Massage Centre to sit in each loop centre, creating a complete sensory activity centre for your pet! (Sold separately).

Around £13

Our experience

We got this as a Christmas gift, the person buying it knew about our other experiences (on bad quality) so he bought something sturdy. We were grateful :D

Unfortunatly my cats just didn't really "get it", the ball who lights up red if you pounce it hard enough is made of plastic and my cats don't really enjoy it if it isn't furry and you can bite into it. 
They have a sleek design but in the end it's more for my eyes than for my cats pleasure. But at least it isn't broken, just uninteresting. That is why I give it a three, for design (you can build it in several ways), and idea, but my cats just didn't like it. 

We don't get it. Where is the furry mouse..?


A toy my cats love!
Is the cheapest in the bunch (costs Nok15, about £1)

I guess cheap is great sometimes (and it has FUR!) Mmmm...


What we wish we had

Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

This looks like a fun toy, I only hope it comes in acceptable quality. Unfortunatly the seller do not send products to Norway. If anyone see this in Norway (or anyone whp sends it here, please contact us!)

Hope you enjoyed our review and I wish you good luck in finding the perfect toy for your cat!


PLAY WITH US! Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weeping angel cats (Don't blink!)

In honour of our favourite "enemy" the Weeping Angels! (I don't find them very scary, but I love them!) Here are some scared cats who tries NOT to blink!

Good news: 
It's soon the Doctor Who Christmas Special, just 5 days to go!!

And now back to the cats!
Don't blink or the weeping angels will get you !!

Been trying not to blink for a while!

Oh no, it's a weeping angel cat!


Helping your cat not to blink!

Need to blink, so MUCH!

I'll blink one eye at the time!!

Oh no, I blinked once!!


Back off.....slowly...not blinking...

Feeling weird after not blinking for hours....!!

Oh nooo!!! !!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cats in the snow!

While we continue to wait for Christmas, I have collected some pictures. 
Some of us live in areas where it snows, and perhaps your cats can do as these and jump outside for a playtime? Do you have any pictures of your cat playing in the snow? (Unfortunatly Amadeus & Christa would freeze too easily and have to watch the snow from the window. I think especially Amadeus wish he could have gone out!)

Christa likes to be warm so much that this is what she does in winter! (Christa tells me to tell you that this picture was taken shortly after a visit to the veterinarian, so she didn't look her best ;)

And a little video Bonus: Simon's cat in the snow!