Wise Christa
Christa (like Christa Ludwig?) is the sweetest cat you can imagine. She purrs like an alto and meows like a soprano.

She loves to sleep under blankets/covers with you. She LOVES yogurt. (I mean really loves it, and will do about anything to get it.)

She loves to cuddle and warms up to almost anyone. (Although she seems shy and coy at first.) 

She loves food, play and to spot birds outside the window. 

Christa is a quick learner and likes to make Angelica proud. 
But beware: Christa can be very curious and mischievous when it comes to getting her paws on anything that tastes good. (Or might taste good ;)

She is a Sphynx but have some fur even she is a naked breed of cats. Angelica doesn't care about that though. Christa feels like touching warm silk, or fuzzy, soft and warm peach! Such a wonderful cat she is!

Christmas 2010

First time traveler!
She loves hugs!
LOVES hot computers...MMmmmm......