Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weeping angel cats (Don't blink!)

In honour of our favourite "enemy" the Weeping Angels! (I don't find them very scary, but I love them!) Here are some scared cats who tries NOT to blink!

Good news: 
It's soon the Doctor Who Christmas Special, just 5 days to go!!

And now back to the cats!
Don't blink or the weeping angels will get you !!

Been trying not to blink for a while!

Oh no, it's a weeping angel cat!


Helping your cat not to blink!

Need to blink, so MUCH!

I'll blink one eye at the time!!

Oh no, I blinked once!!


Back off.....slowly...not blinking...

Feeling weird after not blinking for hours....!!

Oh nooo!!! !!!

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