Thursday, December 1, 2011

While we wait for (Doctor Who) Christmas!

I know there are many other Doctor Who fans out there who waits for the Doctor Who Christmas special! I myself at least, can't wait to have the cats curled up on my lap, the fireplace lit and watch the specials with my sister! What a Christmas gift from BBC. We love you!


Christmas gifts for your cat?
So have you thought of any Doctor Who gifts for your cat? You know they wouldn't forgive you if you forget them, and they expect to receive the best ;p 

Here are some inspiration!

Visit this blog to find out how you can knit your own cat-fez, hehe....

A Tardis for cats! Here is the how-to-make-it-pictures and explanation. Talented man, wish I could order one for my cats, but at least seriously contemplating on building one. (A not so good version of the above, hehe..)

Jar for cat treats?
What about a little Tardis to have your cat treats in? Every time you open it your cat will hear the sounds of the Tardis and come running towards it. (Good cat!)

A tiny Dalek
Maybe your cat would like to play with his own little Dalek (and you could help him...?) 


Doctor Who and hints of Narnia? Yes please! 

I knew it, they have a weakness! hehe....

Till next time: Fezes, stetsons, bow ties are cool!

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