Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Doctor Who fan you say? Here's something for you! (And your cat!)

Get a Tardis for your cats! They will love it!

This is just an amazing place for Doctor Who-cats to play and relax! ;)

Yes, true? (From the episode: "Gridlock")

Cat meets Dalek, hehe!
The eleven Doctors (as cats ;) 

Cat-nuns from Doctor Who

Blink-cats (weeping-angels-cats)

If you can find any other really cool Doctor Who stuff out there on the web,
please don't hesitate to share with us!

Crazy people ;) Pretty stupid. :P

And as a end let's see our own Amadeus fight the tenth Doctor!
Behind you Doctor, RUN !!!

Oh, and yes! 
We met the Doctor yesterday and he joined us in making a Songify tune! Isn't he just awesome!?

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