Friday, February 11, 2011

Litter Kwitter experience

Because we are likely to travel at some point I think it would be MUCH easier (and hygienic) to stop having a litterbox, I decided to give Litter Kwitter a try. (Would be fantastic If I didn't have to worry about having a travel-litterbox and sand with me everywhere I went. I didn't have to worry anyone else either, since they would use a "human toilet" just like the rest of us ;)

I bought LitterKwitter online (there are several providers, I bought mine in Norway) for around 400,- It came with a "toiletseat" and three rings. (See video).

Amadeus showing us the pink ring
At first I had the seat (and the pink ring) on the floor beside the toilet where the litterbox used to be. This was no problem, both Amadeus and Christa understood that the ring with the crystals was their toilet. I had this ring by "my" toilet for about 1,5 week. After trying to put it ontop of the "my" toilet and having Amadeus doing his business on the floor (where the litterbox used to be) I put it back on the floor. (But this time with something beneath, so it was higher than before, but on the same spot.) I did this to get Amadeus used to going to the loo higher than usual.

After a week with successful toilet-business from both cats, in the ring (on the floor) I raised it to the fake toilet-seat (which you place on top of your real toilet-seat. I had to use tape to manage to place it securely on top of my toilet. It was too narrow and the devices provided to make a more snug fit did not work for this make of toilets, unfortunately.)

As long as the ring was clean (it takes no time to get "full") both cats had no problems doing toilet-business in the pink ring. (The ring with no hole in it.) Sometimes Amadeus got frustrated with the new "toilet". I could hear him complain for a long time before he wanted to do number two. Most times where he was supposed to, but there were "accidents" from time to time. (Usually my fault, for not being quick enough making the ring completely clean.)

Amadeus showing us the orange ring
The problem occurred recently when I changed to the orange ring (with a hole in it. In the middle). Christa had no problem with this. I was thrilled when I didn't have to scoop up her poop from the ring anymore. She managed to do the deed straight into the water. (She still does. And always during the night, hidden away, hehe..) But Amadeus (the youngest) did NOT. He could pee in the ring, but doing number two was NOT going to happen. He started complaining long time before he went, and usually he then did it beside the toilet where the box used to be, or hiding it in whatever he could on the bathroom floor. (Fortunately for us he never did anything "bad" outside the bathroom.)

I didn't want to start all over again (since I was so happy for the progress Christa had made), so I made the hole smaller (using cardboard wrapped in several layers of plastic). This was a great idea because after that (and giving him treats every time he did something on it) he always uses it. (Except if it is too dirty!)

(You can buy more rings online, but I managed to make my own and save a lot of money I guess ;)

This is how far we have come. I try not to rush them, and I try to keep it is as clean as possible at all times. It seems to be the vital thing. I will keep posting the progress I make here.


1. Don't rush (the stages takes longer than "Litter Kwitter" writes on the box)
2. Keep the tray (ring) clean at all times! (Yes, it means a lot of attention, but it gives results & clean floor.)
3. Try to catch your cat in "action". Give LOTS of praise and a treat. Works like a charm!
4. Never scold the cat if it does it outside the box. It do not understand. Treats when he is good is the key!
5. Give food on same time, means that they will go to the toilet around the same time as well. 
6. Buy a bottle of repellent (to spray on the floor if your cat poops there. Squirt just a little were the "favourite" floor-poop-areas are (around the time when the cat wants to "go"). This is usually when it starts complaining and trying to scrape invisible sand on the floor. 
7. Use crystal NOT sand. It will clog up your pipes. (And make a mess on the floor!)

As mentioned, I will keep posting experiences and Amadeus and Christa's general progress. I will not give up even it is lot of work and much attention going into it. I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end.

(Cheaper as I do not need to buy sand for the next 20 years, more hygienic as they will not go from the litterbox straight onto my kitchen/pillow, and no smell in the house. Win, win!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :D

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