Sunday, August 7, 2011

Giving up Kwitter Litter!

It isn't just paper....
After starting in December last year, I have now decided to give up using kwitter-litter,
This is a shame since Christa more or less had learned how to use the toilet like humans do. Sadly, Amadeus wasn't so smart (or willing?) to do the same. (But he always tried to hide his shame. My bathroom rug, rolls of toiletpaper, or random piece of cloth have all been used to cover...)

I was very pleased when I could just flush after Christa had visited the bathroom, but I wasn't so happy when Amadeus did his number two on my living room floor. Most times. It is hard to always have to monitor a cat's toilethabits. At least for such a long time as I have. 

The cats studying what Amadeus hid that night
I have tried everything I could come up with. And again Christa was the smart one and got it straight away. Amadeus would always do number one in the kwitter-litter, but his number two usually went beside the toilet. (On the floor). Or at least in the bathroom. But lately he have also used my living room floor from time to time. 

So this is the end of the kwitter-litter experience. 
I have noticed that both Amadeus and Christa is VERY happy to get their box back. 

I guess I will not get to save much money on cat litter, or be more hygienic, but I at least I will get less to think about.

(Conclusion: I have a small litter tray which they use here at home, but luckily it is handy and easy to bring with me when we travel. I am also happy that the operacats aren't messy at all when they use the litter tray). 

Christa & Amadeus 
The Kwitter-litter adventure might be over, but we have so many (non-poop-related) adventures ahead of us!

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