Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Airline approved pet carriers

HI have now looked into the different carriers, trying to find the best (and approved by airlines!)

The operacats exploring their new vari carrier
When looking for a carrier for your cat who is to go "below" the plane in a hold, you can in theory only be certain with the hard-shell carrier: Vari Kennel.

This is a study and reliable carrier, they come in several sizes (although the other sizes seems mostly to be used for dogs). I bought the small one, and according to many airlines I can (in theory) put two cats in there if necessary, although must not weigh more than 14 kg. They should also be very used to each other!

I intend to take Christa in a soft carrier with me on the plane and place Amadeus in the Vari kennel (since I was only allowed to have one cat with me inside the plane, in a soft carrier).

Ventilation on all four sides of carrier
Testing the carrier, getting to know it!
It seems that one of the things a carrier for pets need to have is holes on all four sides of the carrier. If yours doesn't have that it is certain that some (hopefully most) airlines will not approve of your carrier. (I have read stories of people who had to drill new holes on the carrier at the airport!)

I have found some useful places online, wish I wish to share:

The International Air Transport Association
Great site: How to ship your cat or dog (Lots' of great information & what to think about!)

How to measure your dog or cat for a carrier: 
British airways world cargo (live animals) - pdf

Help & review of Vari kennel

Other costumers share their tips, experiences.

Finding the right size (pet carriers)
Airline Approved Pet carriers

Live Animals stickers!
When traveling you need to have stickers on the side of the crate, to show that it contains live animals. (These comes with the Vari Kennel carrier). Make sure to remember to stick them on! (On the top and on the side is what I did).

Getting used to the carrier
I have placed the carrier on top of the fridge (where they often sleep), to teach them that this is a safe place to be, somewhere they all ready are comfortable and that smells familiar. (I have put the little pillow they always sleep on inside). They seem to like the carrier, especially Amadeus. (which is good, since he is the first one to use it!)


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