Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Traveling with cats (+ passports)

In September I will get to travel with the cats (with airplane) for the first time! It is both scary and exciting. I am going to sing "The Magic Flute" (Mozart) in another city and will be gone from home for one month. I therefor want to bring the operacats along. 

This is what I have all ready arranged: 

Amadeus in his Sherpa bag
I was early in touch with the airline to arrange for both my cats to travel with me. I travel with wideroe and they were very helpful and positive. I have to have one in a carrier to check in, and one in a sherpa bag
 to bring with me inside the plane. (These, I have been told, were the first soft-sided carriers to be allowed by the airlines. See the link).
Here I will bring Christa in the sherpa bag, (because she is the most scared of noises. Like the vacuumcleaner). And Amadeus which are not scared of much will go in the carrier in the belly of the plane.
I have read that you shouldn't feed the cats 24 hours before leaving and not bringing water inside the carrier. (Because it get's messy). Luckily it isn't a long journey. 

I will also put their usual blankets inside the carrier so it smells like home and feels at least a bit safer.

Bringing cats to a hotel. 
We are staying in an hotel during the rehearsals and performances. (Sept-Oct).
I have been in touch with the hotel asking them about bringing my cats. The hotel have been very kind and helpful! 
I only have to pay if there are extra cleaning, (+ any damages; thank God they are really good not to scratch stuff), and the extra thorough cleaning after we leave. Obviously I will clean the bathroom everyday (myself) anyway.

What to bring: 
1. I will bring a small litterbox (the same they use at home, so it is familiar and handy).

2Litterpearls (look like crystals). They are very light and absorbs smell brilliantly. (I am planning to bring just a little, then buy a small bag of it when we arrive). 

. Small (corner) scratchpost. (I have seen these in the shops. They are easy to bring and good to have so the cat can scratch, and not use any furniture).  

4. Some of their blankets (which have their smell on it and are familiar). 

5. Carrier and sherpabag (for the plane). This will also work like small (safe) caves for them in the hotelroom.

6. Food. Obviously bring some of their usual type. (Royal Canine, Sensible 33. For the sensitive cat). And something to have food and drink in. 

Next year, traveling abroad

I will have to bring the cats with me to the Netherlands next year, when I sing in "The Marriage of Figaro" on tour there. I have all ready started the process to get passports for the cats. 

The operacat's passports
This means that I have had to start with the "rabies-routine". 
That is to give both cats a shot of "rabisin", to make them immune to rabies. If not you cannot bring your animal outside Norway. (Except Sweden). 
Then you need to wait 170 days to take a bloodsample to see if it worked, if not you obviously cannot leave. If it works we can travel 6 months after that. 

I have checked with Amadeus, and he is free to travel!
I am still waiting for Christa's bloodsamples to be taken.

Every country have different rules though (especially Great Britain are very strict).
One has to check with the government of the country one wish to travel to. (Usually something online). This is because besides rabies vaccine, one usually have to give the cats extra things, like shots against worm-infections etc. 

In our cardbox on the fridge
You have to make sure to give a "top up" on the rabies vaccine. Every year. If not it doesn't count and you have to start all over again. All vaccines are then registered in the passport, not the usual vaccine-card.  

I hope that everything will go smoothly and that the cats and me will have a great adventure! =)

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