Saturday, August 13, 2011

Other operacats (lol-cats)

It's not only my cats who seems to enjoy opera! ;P But I suspect mine are some of the few cats who have a human operasinger for a slave ;)

 This one is obviously a soprano! ------------>
 <---- this one just ended his finale. (Probably a baritone, yes?)
 And here is an obvious tenor, and a death- scene!

 <----------------practice at home!
 Another finale? I suspect a bass. Although it looks unusually dramatic?  ----------------->
 <--------- a relaxed high note...
 hehehehe........I'm happy my neighbors don't hate our operacats   -------------->
 <------------- A sphynx operacat? Brilliant!
Bravo, bravo! 

And FINALLY OUR beloved OPERACATS, singing their opera arias!

Amadeus thought this was water (was sprite)

Christa ontop of fridge
Christa & Amadeus amoung my scores

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