Monday, September 19, 2011

We survived! (First journey with airplane!)

We made it!
We have now arrived in Nordfjord, safe and sound. No one froze or was scared to death. We are now grateful and happy to be relaxing in our hotelroom and look forward to stay a month! Read about the experience!

What I brought for the stay
First I packed all the things needed for a month away from home:

- Litterbox
- Some litterpearl (+ bought a bag today)
- Favourite mouse-toy + cat-wand with feathers
- Tunnel
- Feliway
- Nail scissors
- Small scratching post
- Cat treats
- Ear cleaner (+ cottonpads)
- A few days rations of the normal catfood
- A measuring cup
- Sherpa-bag for transport (Christa in the cabin)
- Vari-kennel crate for transport (Amadeus, in hold)
- Drinking bowls
- Food bowl
- Floor protector

I packed most of these things in my own suitcase, (a VALUABLE buy is to get a Samsonite Cosmolite, it is almost weightless and incredibly strong!) Even the litterbox and pearls went in there, but I had bought a small litterbox, to make it easier to travel with).

The first minutes, exploring the new space!
The Journey
When I had placed the two cats in their crates, I went by car to the airport. We are grateful that a friend drove us, and we didn't have to take a taxi and a train.

First I had to check in my suitcase, then I sent Amadeus off at the special luggage conveyor. It was a strange feeling to leave him there, like he was luggage, but the man behind the counter was friendly and I felt safer for leaving him. (I had put stickers on the crate, stating: "LIVE ANIMALS", my name and contact-information & Amadeus' name and race). 

It was a strange experience to go through security with Christa though. I had to send my bag through like normal, but then I was asked to take Christa up (from the sherpa bag) and carry her through the sensor. Of course it went off, but they were kind enough to let me put Christa back into the bag before they checked me. It was many wierd looks as I carried my little Sphynx (with a little red flanelshirt) through the metal-sensors.
Christa at the coffeeplace, looking out on life
Then I met up with a fellow singers (who was also traveling that day) and had a coffee, Christa was spying out on the people who passed us by. (She didn't make much sound at this point, just the occasional little meow).  I was obviously wondering where Amadeus was at this point....

We went to the gate and I informed the lady behind the counter that I traveled with cats. I was asked to board the plane first (along with the couple with a baby), to be kind we were placed at the back of the plane, in case of any allergic passengers.

The plane was very small though, one of these propeller-ones, so it was VERY noisy. It was a baptism by fire for my two cats. And even worse; we had to have one stop to pick up more passengers 30 minutes in. Christa made many sad noises while on the floor under the seat, so I had her on my lap (inside the bag, holding one hand inside), and this calmed her down. Although she was clearly stressed at times. (Especially at landing, which was pretty loud). I tried to offer her water, but she wasn't calm enough to drink, I also removed the clothing she had on, since it wasn't so cold on board like on larger airplanes.

I only heard from Amadeus once, and of course it pained me. I could hear him when we had the layover, he was making a couple of sorrowful wails. I felt like a brutal animal abuser and a bad "mother". So I was incredibly happy to walk out of the plane 20 minutes later and pick him up as they unloaded the luggage. He was silent at this point but at least he was visible in the crate and not frozen to death!

Hello! I'm curious! (Day one)
We were picked up at the airport by someone from the opera and took the ferry over to Nordfjord. As I offered the cats to join each other in the big crate, Amadeus decided that he wanted to be in the Sherpa bag, so they just changed places. I am sure Christa was happy to have more space!

The trip from the airport was only about 15 minutes all together, so happily not the longest journey. (The flight was 1,5 hour). We left home at 17:30 and we were at the hotel at 21:30.

I sprayed the room with feliway (only cats can smell it, and it calms them down, making them feel at home), and let the cats out to explore. (after I closed windows and made sure the room was cat-safe of course!) I showed them the litterbox and food/water, and I saw it as a good sign that Christa started eating at once. Then they explored, chatted and followed me around as I unpacked my own things.

That night they slept beside me, over and under the blanket.
It was like normal and they have taken the change remarkably well! I am so proud!

Investigating newly bought stuff!
The hotel (Hotel Nordfjord) have been very nice about me bringing the cats, and they gave us a room with a small balcony in case I wanted to give them some air. The room is a good size and have cupboards for which I am very grateful! All in all I am very excited about staying here, the only downside is, that it is very dark when the sun goes down, as they don't have much efficient lighting. But who cares! The cats are here, so we will have an awesome time!

Ps: There is a fly in my hotelroom, they love it. It is the best kind of free plaything, and they run around making funny noises, trying to catch it. hihi......

The food and floorprotector
A sign I saw on the wall outside a shop in Nordfjord

The fjord! 

Water in the shower; Christa loves to play with water

What's all this familiar stuff?
A well used blanket from home. mmmmm....


  1. A month in a motel with your cats! Amazing - I know mine would not have been so accepting. Beautiful room and area to be, though. Lovely pictures.

  2. It goes surprisingly well, thank God. I bought a small carpet (to bring home as well) to make sure the floor isn't so slippery everywhere. They like to be able to run without sliding into the walls, hehe...Thank you for your comment! :D What kind of cats do you have? =)

  3. Mine are all mixed breed. The oldest, Diggory, is a flame point Siamese. His points are a little bit striped in places so he is mixed with something. We adopted him 5 years ago from someone who found him and the vet thinks he is about 10 years old, at least. Gus is a deep orange and white short hair, Lucille is part Norwegian Forest Cat, and Otto is a pallid orange and white (neutered as an adult so he has his tom-cat cheeks). They all love classical music and opera - my husband has played violin in various orchestras for many years. He is a salmon biologist by day, classical musician by night! Music fills the house and the cats seem to love it.

  4. aaaww! That is awesome! Your cat sounds wonderful, and I am happy you adopted one who needed a new home :D Great that you all enjoy classical music & opera, and fantastic that your husband has that wonderful "double-life", so enriching I would think? Happy to hear from you. Would be nice to see a pic one day of your little ones :)